The Age of Titans is at its end.

From the domain of spirit, three Gods return to the world: the God of Light, the Goddess of Darkness, and the Trickster, God of the Void. Each of these mysterious beings desires sole power over the world by destroying Titan worship and gathering all souls to themselves. Their human servants have constructed great flesh golems called Caos, Champions of the Crusade whose purpose is to spread their God’s Dominion across the land.



The Titans were once spiritual Gods who were worshipped by man in the earliest days of creation. The world was a paradise then, and the love between divine and human flowered into a perpetual Golden Age where countless works of art, science and architecture were born. As their Dominion grew, the Gods found they were able to physically manifest themselves in the material world and commune with humans directly, taking on towering bodies of power that were worshipped night and day. Their followers were overjoyed to behold and serve their deities.

Each time the Gods returned to the physical world, they desired its sensations a little more, and languished for longer periods before returning to the realm of spirit. They became selfish and cruel, barely detectable at first, but soon demanded every pleasure and offering. As their appetites grew, they began warring with each other, seeking to expand their worshippers at the expense of the other Gods.

Their wickedness grew, and when they finally acquired the taste for human blood, feasting in huge gorging sacrifices, they lost the ability to return to the realm of spirit. The Gods began to lose their memory and degenerated into giant beasts. Their empires gone, followers decimated and scattered to the edges of the world, the Titans have mindlessly prowled the earth for centuries, hollow reflections of what they once were.

Now, with new Gods arising in the realm of spirit, the time of the Titans has come to an end.


The Golden Age (2000-3000 yrs ago)

  • Humans lived in close communion to their Gods

  • Different tribes of humans worshipped different Gods

  • Using the power of their faith, the Gods helped their humans build thriving civilizations

  • The Caos were magically-created giant warriors who protected the human villages and symbolized the Gods’ strength and fury

The Fall (~2000 yrs ago)

  • Some of the Gods chose to incarnate among their followers from time to time; a few of these Gods became more attached to the material realm

  • Their attachment to physical pleasures and appetites weakened their connection to the spirit realm and created an addictive spiral

  • They began to compete with other tribes to gain faith and followers, eventually leading to bloodshed

  • Blood sacrifice proved to be a powerful release of energy for the incarnate Gods, and they became drunk on human slaughter and blood

  • Drinking human blood permanently damaged the Gods’ spiritual core, all but severing their ties to the spirit world. They lost their minds and transformed into raging bestial forms called the Titans. Still, as they have not completely lost their connection to the spirit world, they are still immortal.

  • Generally, the Titan form is in some way an opposite of who they were as Gods.

    • HL: Wolf God of the Wild Hunt

    • BL: Water God of Fertility

    • SL: God of Earth and Forest


The War (~2000 yrs ago)

  • The Titans began wholesale slaughter of the human race and their Caos protectors. Civilizations were torn apart. Caos were hunted down and destroyed.

  • The fall of Gods damaged the spiritual gates of the world, limiting the ability of the other Gods to intervene. Worship of the other Gods died out as entire tribes were obliterated, and their power faded with lack of faith.

  • Humans learned that by worshipping the Titan and providing blood sacrifices, his rage could be assuaged.

  • Trolls began to appear and plague the remaining human settlements.

  • Small groups of priests go underground to preserve the knowledge of their Gods. Emissaries of the Dark, Light and Void Gods build the hidden Temple of Knowledge. Each group foretells the death of the Titans and the victory of their God over the others when the Caos rise again.

  • 2000 years go by…

The Present

  • The Titans mindlessly walk the earth. Their realms are all but destroyed beneath their ravenous hunger and the predations of the Trolls.

  • Scattered human villages survive by worshipping the Titan, building altars and shrines and performing human sacrifice. This blood magic affords them enough power to keep the Trolls at bay.

  • Meanwhile, in the Temple of Knowledge, the descendants of the original priests to the Gods have slowly been re-accumulating the wisdom and power that was lost. By working together, the acolytes of Dark, Light and Void are able to generate sufficient faith to succeed in reconstructing their first Caos warriors.