To Ascend is to die in one world and rise in another. Each Ascended Champion becomes a soldier in the Crusade: an endless conflict between the Gods and the countless dimensions.


The World is a shattered sphere of a thousand dimensions. In each shard a Caos is stranded, forever alone and surrounded by peril.


In parallel worlds, the Caos win dominion across the land by claiming holy sites for their God.


All Caos are linked to an Ascended soul. It is the being within the being, an ageless life force that carries knowledge and power from life to life, growing ever toward Supremacy: the mastery of all three Gods

Over the eons, the Caos have learned to carry their knowledge, and even their possessions, from life to life through Ascension. The dark angel of their soul has somehow transcended death, and therein become one of the most powerful forces to walk the world